What Should You Feed Your Chihuahua?

Feeding your Chihuahua

Like most animals, Chihuahuas have special dietary needs, and it is important to understand those needs so that your Chihuahua gets the nourishment that he requires in order to remain healthy and live a long life.

Obviously, your Chihuahua needs dog food. The brand usually doesn’t matter. It is the ingredients that matter the most. Your veterinarian may suggest a particular brand of dog food for your dog, as well as a specific amount of the food that you should be feeding the dog. Usually, it is best to follow this recommendation.

If no recommendation is given in terms of the brand of dog food that you feed your Chihuahua, go with a food that’s main ingredient is meat. The food should be made up of at least 30 percent protein, at least four percent fiber, and 20 percent fat.

Your Chihuahua should have three meals a day. These small dogs burn off a lot of energy very quickly, and just feeding him once or twice a day won’t be enough. However, because he will eat three meals a day, you don’t want to over feed him at those times, as this can quickly and easily lead to obesity. Again, ask your veterinarian how much you should be feeding the dog at each meal.

Chihuahuas are actually very picky eaters, and you may have to experiment with different brands of foods to determine which brand he prefers. He will indeed have a preference. Pay attention to how much of each brand the dog eats and how he approaches the food to determine which brand he seemingly prefers.

Obviously, you will want to give your Chihuahua snacks, and treats are essential for training. Choose healthy snacks and treats. Never feed the animal sugary foods, and avoid processed foods designed for human beings. Good snacks for Chihuahuas include cheese and peanut butter, as well as snacks that were designed for dogs.

Don’t over do it with the snacks! This can also lead to obesity. Reserve cheese and peanut butter for special training treats, and give the Chihuahua dog snacks just once each day.

Don’t leave food down for your Chihuahua. Instead, feed him at certain times of the day, and stick to a feeding schedule that he can count on. Make sure that he has a constant supply of fresh water, and as for supplements, check with your veterinarian to see if your particular dog needs any supplements or special vitamins.