How Do Chihuahuas and Other Pets Get On?

Chihuahuas and other Pets While there are some exceptions, generally Chihuahuas do not get on well with other pets. However, while this is true in most cases there are several things you can do to try to alleviate the problem. Chihuahuas of any age normally get on well with their own breed. Several Chihuahuas in … Read more

How many types of Chihuahuas are there?

There are only Two Types of Chihuahua You may have heard that there are several different types of Chihuahua. There are only two. There are different colours and like people they come in different sizes. A different size does not mean a different breed, they are all Chihuahuas. The two different types of Chihuahua are … Read more

Safety and your Chihuahuas

Keeping your Chihuahua Safe At home we do everything we can to ensure that it is a safe environment for ourselves and our children. We must do the same for our pets, and this is particularly true with regards Chihuahuas. This is mainly due to their natural curiosity, their lack of fear and obviously their … Read more

Chihuahuas and Children

Kids and Chihuahuas It is fair to say that most owners will agree that Chihuahuas and young children do not mix very well. While this generally refers to very young kids it may often also refer to older ones as well. It mainly depends on the Chihuahua. The fact is Chihuahuas are pretty much like … Read more

How to entertain your Chihuahua

Keeping your Chihuahua Happy Chihuahuas are blessed with a huge abundance of energy and as a consequence they can easily become bored. A bored Chihuahua will certainly become a mischievous Chihuahua and they will get themselves into all kinds of trouble. If you want a happy well behaved pet you will have to provide him … Read more