Tips on Housebreaking Your Chihuahua

Housebreaking your Chihuahua

Some people will say that housebreaking your Chihuahua is very difficult. Unfortunately this is true and it is due to one specific reason. Whether the dog is male or female they have a tendency to mark their territories, and often. When they do this you must clean the area really well so that the odour is removed. You may have to use products that are specifically designed to remove the smell of urine.

When your Chihuahua marks his territory indoors, make sure that the dog knows you are displeased. Don’t spank him, speak to him in a tone of voice that lets him know you are very unhappy. When you see your Chihuahua urinate indoors take him outside immediately. When you come back indoors make sure he watches you clean the area. Rubbing your dog’s nose in it will have no effect and only ruin your relationship with your dog, so don’t do it.

Be consistent with your housebreaking. When your dog wakes up or finishes eating or playing take him outside. It is at these times that he will usually need to urinate. Do this consistently at those times. Once outside stay with him until he has finished and once he has make a fuss of him and let him know how pleased you are with him.

In general, housebreaking a Chihuahua is no different from housebreaking any other breed of dog. The real problem is his need to mark his territory. However, if the odour is removed and he is made aware that this is displeasing you, he will eventually stop doing it. It is often the case that Chihuahuas will stop this marking behaviour once they have been neutered or spayed, but there are exceptions.

Be patient with your pet, Chihuahuas can be very stubborn. Have a word with other owners and ask them how they solved the marking issue. If you keep your patience and continue looking for a solution you will resolve the problem in a way that satisfies both you and your Chihuahua.

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