Chihuahuas and Children

Kids and Chihuahuas It is fair to say that most owners will agree that Chihuahuas and young children do not mix very well. While this generally refers to very young kids it may often also refer to older ones as well. It mainly depends on the Chihuahua. The fact is Chihuahuas are pretty much like … Read more

Tips on Housebreaking Your Chihuahua

Housebreaking your Chihuahua Some people will say that housebreaking your Chihuahua is very difficult. Unfortunately this is true and it is due to one specific reason. Whether the dog is male or female they have a tendency to mark their territories, and often. When they do this you must clean the area really well so … Read more

Should you get a Pet Chihuahua?

Do you know what you’re letting yourself in for? Before bringing any kind of pet into your home you need to be sure that you fully understand what owning and caring for a one really entails. Getting your first pet Chihuahua is no exception and there are several things you should know before you make … Read more

Choosing the Right Puppy for You

Chihuahua Puppies Choosing a Chihuahua puppy is a very exciting experience. They are so small and cute it will be hard for you not to take the whole litter home. So when faced with so much cuteness how can you choose the right one for you? Your selection should not be based on looks alone. … Read more