10 Reasons to Avoid Purchasing your Chihuahua Puppy or any dog from a Pet shop

Puppy Mills Some pet shops get their puppies from Department of Agriculture-regulated commercial kennels. Even these puppies, however, are often sickly and unsocialised. In part, this is because commercial kennels tend to breed any number of different breeds at the same site and breed for quantity rather than quality. As a result, their primary concern … Read more

Is a Chihuahua the right choice for you?

Here are some of the things a Chihuahua can and cannot bring to a relationship. A Chihuahua is a perfect breed for someone who spends a lot of time at home doing activities which involve a fair amount of time sitting. They love sitting next to you, or better still, sitting or lying on your … Read more

What are the Breed Standards for Chihuahuas?

What are Breed Standards? In the case of dogs, a breed standard, describes the desirable and undesirable attributes of appearance and temperament for an individual breed. As dogs vary greatly from one breed to another, there is no single standard of good conformation. For example, what is considered as good conformation for a lapdog will … Read more

Why do Chihuahuas shiver so much?

The Shivering Chihuahua They tremble and shiver constantly. What is amiss with Chihuahuas that do this? In most cases, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Chihuahuas that tremble and shake. There is, however, a reason for it. Chihuahuas may shake due to the abundance of energy that they have. Have you ever had too much … Read more