How Do Chihuahuas and Other Pets Get On?

Chihuahuas and other Pets

Simply put, Chihuahuas do not get on well with other pets. However, while this is true in most cases there are several things you can do to try to alleviate the problem.

Chihuahuas of any age normally get on well with their own breed. Several Chihuahuas in the same household can get along really well and keep each other company while their humans are busy elsewhere. Usually a new Chihuahua can be introduced into the home without causing any problems whatever the age of any other Chihuahuas already residing there.

Unfortunately this is pretty much where a Chihuahua’s tolerance of other pets ends. Generally Chihuahuas will not put up with the presence of other animals in the home. There will be fights and the Chihuahua will almost never back down whatever the size of the other pet.

This doesn’t mean that Chihuahuas cannot live peacefully with other pets. To make this happen you need to bring the Chihuahua into a home where other pets already reside, not the other way round. Another way of accomplishing this is to introduce the pets when they are both very young so that they “grow up” together.

The only other option to owning a Chihuahua and another type of pet is to make sure that they never come into contact. Obviously this is not a simple matter and very often an owner must decide to keep one pet or the other. This is never an easy choice and normally pet owners will try hard to find a solution that permits them to keep both.

If you want more than one pet, the best solution is to get another Chihuahua. As already mentioned this rarely causes any problems, much to the surprise of many Chihuahua experts. It is amazing that the same Chihuahua that would never put up with the presence of a different breed of pet will become the best of friends with another Chihuahua introduced into the household. They will play, eat and sleep together with very few problems. They will also share their characteristic loyalty to their owner without becoming jealous of one another.

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  1. I have been always wanting a Chihuahua for several years now but i have an English Bulldog at home. Will the Bulldog hurt him?


  2. ok i have a male chihuahua hes 7 1/2 months now and…i just bought another chihuahua she i a female and only 9 weeks old…i put her down to introduce them an it didnt go so well she got a cut on her nose but shes ok im trying to figure out how to make them get along please e-mail me back,thanks alot

  3. I have a male chihuahua and he is 4 years old we got a female chihuahua and she is 8 weeks old we only got her yesturday (25.11.09) at first they didnt want anything to do with each other well the male dog dosnt want to today it is there second day together there getting on well better but they dont go to close to each other and the male dog growls a bot at her what will happen how do i make them to get along ??????????

    please email me back thank you

  4. joanne jackson | December 9, 2009 at 8:26 pm |

    I have a male chihuahua 7 months old. He lives with my two huge germanshepherds, two cats and two parrots. He was introduced to the other animals in the house as soon as he came through the front door at 8weeks old. They all get on just fine. The german shepherds are incredibly gentle with him and play with him all the time, infact he is the rough one! Obviously you must be vigelent over them during the first few weeks and dont leave them together unatended during this time, but i personally have had no problems. As long as your dogs are well socialized and you are the pack leader there should be no trouble.

  5. I have had 2 chihuahua’s the mother and son, the mother passed away on the 01.4.2010 at the age of 12 years old. The son is 8 years old. He is very upset, and so am I. He crys now when left alone. I am thinking of buying another chihuahua (female) puppy so he can have company. is it a good idea to do so. I am afraid that he may go into depression. He ab solutely adored her and cryed when she passed away. What can I do.

  6. i have a male chi (5 years) and was wanting another pet. i recommend that you use the dog park to study your dog’s behavior; it helped me a lot. i learned he was much better with females, small dogs, and that he actually did gravitate towards other chi’s. my parents have a greyhound about 3x my chi’s size and the chi acts like a doberman around that dog.

  7. I have an english bulldog and a miniature schnauzer at home, would my bulldog hurt the chihuahua??

  8. I have 3 dogs, and my youngest one is a chihuahua. I got my other two dogs before her. My oldest is a Beagle and the other one is a russel,chihuahua mix. My chihuahua gets along Great with both dogs very well. My beagle is old so she like to just lay with him, although he’s not too thrilled with it. And the other dog she likes to play with. I can tell you that she does think she owns me though, cause when she is laying on me, which is ALL the time and the other dogs come over to see me, she snaps at them, telling them to go away. Other than that, she loves my other dogs and would be lost without them. I guess it depends on the chihuahua that you chose.


  10. We have a 10 month old male Chihuahua/corgi mix that we have had since he was 6 weeks old. We just adopted a 3 yr old male chihuahua/minature pinscher mix today. When we first introduced the dogs all was well they ran around and played but once the new dog was on my lap he growled at our other dog everytime he got close to me. But when they are on the floor together they play just fine. Is this normal behavior for a chihuahua. I heard they usually attach to one person. I just hope they start getting used to eachother in a few days.

  11. I have 10 year old and a 9 year old Chihuahua. When I first brought my youngest chihuahua home my oldest didn’t want anything to do with the new puppy. But now they love each other, they are best friends and they pretty much do anything and everything together. It defiantly took a little while for them to start interacting together. I also Have a 14 year old miniature schnauzer and my youngest Chihuahua did not get along well with my miniature schnauzer when my Schnauzer would come and visit, but they tolerated each other but sometimes they would fight.

  12. I just got a 13 week old chihuahua. He is doing awesome around my 13 year old cat. But when I get him around the neighbors 4 dogs he gets use to them but the black lab always want him in his mouth. I don’t know what to do because we are there all the time. Is it aggression that the black lab wants to eat my puppy?

  13. I have a 9 year old beagle and just got a 2 month old Chihuahua a week ago. They both sleep in my room and get along great

  14. My sister got a puppy and he is a Labordor and we have a chihuahua and they dont get along well and my Family doesnt want to give the labordor up or the chihuahua so how can i get both dogs to get along without both of them fighting???

  15. The bull dog probably will end up hurting the chihuahua because i have lab and my chihuahua does not get along well the Lab had been bitten twice on the nose and it started bleeding

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  17. denise casera | October 16, 2012 at 2:39 am |

    I introduced my female chihuahua to my male when hhe was 12 and she was 7 weeks old. The male accepted her and now I want another female but I don’t think my female will accept another dog. It hurts me, but I think she would be too depressed because she’s very pocessive My males were not but she is so I think I’m stuck with her because chihuhuahua females are much much more pocessive than males. I lost Tommie, but never the less he was 3 when i got Timmie and Timmie was 12 when I got Tia (female) everything is good but she takes over and if I get another one I think I will loose her. She’ll go into a shell and die

  18. This article is pretty stupid | November 29, 2012 at 1:04 am |

    Are you suggesting that human behavior is also predictable? Are we not all classified as “human”?

  19. I have had my chi for a couple of years, and have to move quite a bit. The temperament of every chi is different, if your dog is laid back he is going to get along with any smaller animal you want to introduce to your home. Maddix plays better with my roommates cat then any other animal I have come across.

  20. I just moved in with a roommate who has, I think he’s a Polish Boston Terrier and I have 2 female chihuahuas, 1 won’t play with him at all and the other growls at him. This is bothering the Terrier, but it is also, upsetting my roommate. My chihuahuas and I just moved here 2 weeks ago and we need help. I don’t want to have to move again or give up my dogs.

  21. We have 5 years old chi and bought 3 months alaskan malamute, we’ve been trying to get them along, unfurtunately, chi won’t accept our mal, he keeps on fighting mal and mal doesn’t fight back just want to play.

    Please help us how they can get along…

  22. Chris Trueman | November 17, 2014 at 8:27 pm |

    We have a 3 yr 2 month black female lab who has a lovely nature & well socialized with both other dogs & humans & never shows any signs of aggression. We may have the opportunity to adopt a 14 week old chihuahua for no other reason than the family who own him do not have the time to integrate him into their family. What do you recommend is the best way for us to introduce the puppy into our home please.

  23. I love your articles. My Rusty is now 10 yrs old and today I noticed he is moving slowly and not wanting to go outside. A friend told me it might be he has kidney stones as he had 2 that had them, and that giving them regular tap water is not good for him.

    Do you know of this and or anything else that it could be.. His sides in front of his hips are swollen out.

    Thank you for any help. I am getting him to a vet come Monday when they are open.

  24. I have a chihuahua dog mixed with pikense. My ma bought me another chihuahua and I play with him some and my other dog keeps jumping on him. How do i make her stop jumping on him??
    Thanks for any help!!

  25. I have a female and male Chihuahua from the same litter, they play well together, but if the female is near us or on our lap the female will growl loudly and actually attack the male if he comes near us. There has been a few times when the female will growl loudly bearing her teeth and the male jumps in our lap starting a fight in our laps. How do we make this stop happening? Both dogs will not except another dog in our house, can this be fixed? The male dog nips at visitors legs trying to bite them, how can I fix this problem. Both dogs are very sweet, but definitely have an aggressive side.

  26. Hi we am thinking of having a chihuahua puppy 8 weeks old
    We have got a cavalier king Charles dog
    3 cats and 9 week old kitten
    Would u recommend it or not

  27. Having read here that those who feed their Wellness for small breeds, that they eat really good and Gloria

  28. I have 2 cats and a 7 year old chocolate lab and we had just got a puppy chihuahua last year and brought him home to the family and we have had no problems since. Our two dogs now are best friends they play together just fine. The cats even play with him!

  29. Hello.I want to new dog puppies fog but I have chihuahua 4 years old.What happens when I bring new dogre?

  30. I was a male chihuahua that’s 3years old I recently gotten an female chihuahua she 7 months now my boy growl every time she gets close she tries to play with him an he goes the other way how to get them to bond

  31. I have a chi/jack Russell cross male, 18 months old. Bought him into a family of a bullterrier (10 yrs) and a 6 yo cat. He will give kisses to the dog…though he doesn’t like her playing with his toys…but he hates the cat. He will chase and nip if he catches the cat. I feel bad because the cat can no longer sit with us.

  32. Lydia hall | May 4, 2018 at 1:59 am |

    Hi, I have bought a chihuahua puppy! I already own a gorgeous 6 year old chihuahua called Dolly however, she is quite nervous around other dogs! She isn’t aggressive as such however she does bark. Do you have any tips for how they should meet? Please answer as I get the puppy on Saturday

  33. Deb Tipping | March 26, 2019 at 4:21 am |

    Hi I have a 3 month old Aussie Bulldog and a 2 month old Chihuahua. Every time they play the bulldog stands over the Chihuahua and the Chihuahua bites the bigger dogs jowls and growls at him. In a playful mood the bulldog does get excited and runs after and bumps the Chihuahua into a corner and upsets him. What can I do to make them get along please

  34. My brother wants a dog real bad and our house only alows small dogs, so we thought of getting a chihuahua since they are very loyal, but we already have a male cockatiel thats about 1 years old. What should I do? Is there anyway to make the dog not attack the bird?

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