Chihuahuas and Children

Kids and Chihuahuas

It is fair to say that most owners will agree that Chihuahuas and young children do not mix very well. While this generally refers to very young kids it may often also refer to older ones as well. It mainly depends on the Chihuahua.

The fact is Chihuahuas are pretty much like small children themselves. They find it difficult to put up with other pets unless they are also Chihuahuas. They are intolerant of young children and, depending on the dog, they may even get very jealous of human relationships. However this latter behavior is normally restricted to Chihuahuas that have formed a very strong bond with their owners.

It is not a good idea to bring a Chihuahua into a home where small children are present. If you have children and a Chihuahua you will need to teach the child to respect the dog. It is unlikely that the Chihuahua will change its personality and it certainly will not have any idea about rules regarding his interactions with the child.

You will have to teach your child not to handle the Chihuahua, and to understand the warnings the dog will give him or her. If your child is bitten by the Chihuahua it will probably be due to the child’s actions. Chihuahuas are well known for their snappiness, but that snappiness only occurs when they sense a threat to themselves, their territory or someone they love.

You should never leave a Chihuahua and a child alone together. Kids over the age of 11 or 12 rarely have problems with a Chihuahua in the house, but younger children nearly always do. This makes Chihuahuas excellent pets for people who have older children or no children.

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  1. I would have to disagree with this, I think that it depends on the environment that the Chihuahua is raised in, I am the proud owner of two beautiful Chi’s and also the mother of three children. My Chihuahua’s have never snapped at a child and they are in fact very opposite, they adore children and when the kids have friends over they howl and put their paws in front of them and ham it up to the hilt for attention. So I think it really depends on how you raise your Chi and what they are exposed to at an early age…mind you my girls have been with us since my daughter was a toddler and now she is eight and no incidents to date. Then again…maybe I am just very lucky to have to wonderful well behaved Chihuahua’s.

  2. I know first hand that chihuahua are really snappy. I live with my parents and my bf and our 7 month old son and and my parents 2 chihuahua’s. well yesterday my son was crawling around on the floor and the older of the two dogs was farther way from him when we put the baby down on the floor and within 2 mins the dog was snapping and the baby was crying and yes i blame it on three factors one putting the baby down on the floor when the dog was around two the dog has poor training (due cause my parents think theres nothing wrong with the way he acts ) and three because we were not watching him, but the dog has a very bad temper and i mean bad you even move when hes sitting next to you he snaps he doesnt give any warning what so ever he does not like any one at all and will snap at you in a heart beat. I think that if you do have a chihuahua around small kids that you should make sure one that there trained and two that they dont have a bad temper. as for the younger of the two dogs hes only a year old so hes kind of more mellow with the baby if he doesnt want to be around any one or the baby then he just gets up and moves unlike the other dog who thinks that he has the right to be where ever he wants and that he doesnt think he needs to listen




  6. I have a darling chocolate chihuahua I rescued several months ago and he was about 8 months old at the time (according to Vet). Anyway, he has the sweetest disposition, he does not shake, he is very calm, he sometimes acts like a cat, he does not yap, he looks like a miniature deer and he weighs 3.7lb. he loves women and adores children and he will play with a man but he has to like you first.

    He began to be very territorial with me and my husband could not walk over to me without my chihuahua running to my side. And he would try to bite and attack my husband, so my husband had to let him know who the Alpha male was in our family. I didn’t like the way he did it but it was so neccessary and now, he only bites my husband when they’re playing. He never attacks him now.

    However, I brought him in to work and he seems to love everyone here but the lady I rescued him from was holding him one day and he was licking her face and her hands and after a few minutes he turned his face away and tried to bite her and he just went into attack mode. We were both in shock of course because I had never seen this calm dog attack anyone else other than my husband when we first got him. I felt so badly, I didn’t know what to do. Months later, I bring him in again and another lady befriends him a few days before and he kisses on her and everything is fine. Today, I brought him into work again and she comes to visit with him, she is playing with him, rubbing him, kissing him and he is licking her face and all of a sudden, he goes into attack mode and bites her on the lip. I am horrified! That is the second attack with two different people and he acts like he is scared to death, his eyes get really big and I don’t even recognize my little one. I grab him and scold him and hid his face from her and I ask if she is okay. She said she was fine, she wasn’t bleeding but I felt awful. There is a lot I still need to learn about this breed.

  7. I think it all depends on the enviorment and how the dog was raised. My 3 year old and I live with my mom and she has a male chi and he grew up with my daughter. Cowboy is the sweetest thing he has never acted like he has wanted to bite he has never growlede at us he crawls up on the couch and wants to cuddle.

  8. Please help my chi is a little over a year. She growls n bites only children. The child could be feeding her treats and she is fine. 2 mins later if the child just walks by the dog attacks. She is around children but we can never let the child down. Please help I want to have my own child within the year and I dont want to get rid of my chi I love her too much. Any suggestion besides the trainer or just saying Chi`s are mean?

  9. Theresa Ritsch | June 29, 2012 at 5:15 am |

    I agree with Delores Delk

  10. We actually rescued two males a while back and have since trained them as therepy animals for our two special needs children. They are perfect! Less requirements as service animals because they do not have to be leash bound. They have their times that they love to be running and playing, which is when the kids run and play with them, and the rest of the time the doggies are happy to snuggle and it calms the kids. These little miracle pups have kept these kids off medication- as far as this mom is concerned- they get 2 thumbs up!!

  11. chihuahuas are loving loyal dogs they love to snuggle up on sofa and watch tv they are very good with kids and easy to train smooth coat chihuahuas shed more hair than the long haired chihuahuas you must pamper them once or twice a month they grow at least 3 kilos i hope you enjoy your new chihuahua and hope he/she is a healthy happy puppy

    thank you x

  12. I have a chihuahua and I got her when she was 4 months and she is great with my niece they both get jealous of each other if my niece is cuddling me my chihuahua come and pushes her out of the way by siting on my knee it is funny cos they r both kids and my niece teases princess n princess teases my niece it is funny to watch but she has never snapped at any child all she dose is lies on ya lap n gose to sleep best dog ya cud ever hav

  13. Chihuahuas are not children they are dogs and learn some proper English.

  14. i am a child but my chihuahua just adores me …………………………!

  15. I am the proud owner of a six year old chihuahua named Manny. He has been my world since the moment he was born and we have an inseparable bond. I am now extremely concerned because I am pregnant with twins and Manny has never cared for children. To be fair, he has never bitten my four year nephew or year old neice, he simply avoids them at all costs. My concern lies in the difference that my children will actually be living with Manny, making his ability to avoid them a lot more difficult. There is also the concern he will become jealous of the twins since he used to being the center of attention. I am praying he will love them because they are my own but I am not holding my breath since I know my dog and his extreme impatience towards children. If someone knows any tips, please help!

  16. I have two chihuahuas both purebreds long haired. They are the two most lovable dogs I have ever owned. I had never previously pictured myself a small dog owner. However they couldn’t be more different . My first chi Kaia is more protective of me and very wary of strangers no one else besides me can pick her up. I wouldn’t trust her with kids because she has been known to growl and snap at others when she feels threatened. She isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and put those pesky kids in their place, and for that I don’t let children go near her. My second chi Loki couldn’t love children more he loves that they are small like him so he can reach right up to their face and give them kisses. He loves every person he meets! Completely opposite personalities in my two dogs. However, that being said I still wouldn’t leave any chi no matter how good they are with kids alone with them. Children don’t always understand how fragile the dog is so it’s important to always supervise the interaction. Overall I wouldn’t reccomend chihuahuas for families generally they are not a tolerant breed.

  17. If my dog bites my kid I will be getting ride of her

  18. That guy Paul who wrote the article about chihuahuas not mixing with kids and you have to train the kids should be nice to the dog is a crock of s*** I have had chihuahuas for 15 years now and my daughter is 6 we’ve had these dogs since she was born and when we first came in my wife was iffy about the dogs and the newborn as soon as she came into the house the dogs attacked her with kisses and would not let anybody go near her chihuahuas in my eyes are the best little dogs ever and every other person I know that has to Wawa’s when I bring my daughter over they are leaving for the first time their dog does the same thing my dog still when she say she her they attack her with kisses stick that in your pipe and smoke it

  19. Can i use the first pic of the dog for my website and if you want me to i can say you have copy right to your website.

  20. Amanda Davidson | December 19, 2019 at 7:37 pm |

    I have to disagree. I currently have two Chihuahuas age 8 & 5. Had both of them as a puppy. I have a 9 & 4 yr old children. My 5yr old furr baby is best friends with my 4yr old. My dogs are amazing so maybe it depends on the environment & raising of your kids & dogs.

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