Bathing Your Chihuahua

Bathing your Chihuahua

Some Chihuahuas will get dirtier and smellier than others, but however clean they are they will still need to be bathed at least once a month.  The majority of owners give their indoor Chihuahuas a bath once every one or two weeks. If your dog, goes outdoors you can almost guarantee that it will get into all kinds of stuff that you will really want to wash off.

Bathing a Chihuahua is quite a simple task. The most important thing is to only use a shampoo that is designed for dogs. The shampoo you use – even if it’s baby shampoo – will dehydrate his skin.  Chihuahuas also have delicate eyes, so find a tearless dog shampoo, and even then, try not to get soap or water into your Chihuahua’s eyes when you bathe him.

Use a sink or dishpan to bathe your Chihuahua. These are tiny dogs, and because of this, it is much easier and less hazardous to bathe them in smaller containers. You don’t need a lot of water in the sink or dishpan, and using a water sprayer is the best way to wet and rinse the dog.

When you wet the dog, prevent water entering its ears. You can do this by putting cotton balls inside the ear canal. Once he is wet, apply the shampoo and lather him up well. Check his skin as you do so. Keep an eye out for any dry skin or wounds and any evidence of ticks or fleas. Should a tick and flea shampoo be required, get one your vet recommends.

After you finish with the shampooing make sure you rinse him well. It is extremely important that you rinse away all signs of the shampoo, otherwise it could cause your dog’s skin to dry out.

Your Chihuahua will be cold after his bath, so have some towels ready. Wrap him up well and dry him to get him warm again. You can use a hair dryer on your Chihuahua, but ensure that you set it to put out low heat, and that it doesn’t get too close to the Chihuahua, so that you don’t unintentionally burn his skin.

Give your Chihuahua a brush before and after its bath. If you want to trim his nails, a good time to do this is immediately after his bath, while the nail is soft. Dry the ear canal, check the pads on his feet, and brush his teeth – using a toothpaste designed for dogs.

One good tip is to start bathing your Chihuahua at an early age so that he becomes accustomed to it. This will also save you the expense of taking him to a groomer to get this done, unless, of course, you prefer professional grooming.

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  1. Well, my chihuahua hates water, and he always has to be held down by someone, and they usually get bit. have an suggestions? please leave a comment.=- }

  2. hey, katy

    well, my chihuahua had the same problem except she never bit. what i did was take little amounts of water and just dampen her, so she was a tiny bit wet. then, gradually i increased the amount and she became accustomed to the water. if your chihuahua is biting someone, it might mean they are insecure of their situation. i would recommend getting him used to the water first. hope this helps!!!!!

  3. Hi,
    My little chihuahua bites so how do i give it a bath it will enjoy ?

  4. Hi my name is millie and I have never had a pet before, I’ve always wanted a Chihuahua and finally got one for B-day … chihuahua is 1 month 15 days old and i would like to give him a bath but iam not sure if I should sice he is such a baby…what can I do????

  5. Can I give my 6 month old toy Chihuahua a bath or is this to young?

  6. sean nelson | October 10, 2011 at 5:20 pm |

    How cute Is That!!!!!!!!!!

  7. how much should i feed my dog she is a really picky eater and she hates to get a bath so please help:-)!!!!!

  8. i really want a chi but i dont know if it will like me im 10nwill it bite me

  9. i really want a chi how should i convince my parents! plez plez help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. kelly you should bath your dog now. get him used to it

  11. Thank you for this very helpful article. My new (but 5 yr old) Chihuahua-Silky mix handles the bathing pretty well. But he gets pretty stinky pretty fast, so I am glad to know I can safely bath him ever 2-3 weeks!
    Thanks again!

  12. Well, my chihuahua (Diamond) hates water too. She always trys to jump out the tub. How can I make her stop doing this? Please reply 🙂

  13. So I have a chihuahua too and he is super picky about anything. Bathing is not really his favorite activity. We just put him in like a dishpan that’s filled with really shallow water, just tell him he’s doing really good, and when he gets out we give him a treat. It’ll probably take a while for him to get used to the water, just take your time.

  14. Stephanie | July 17, 2012 at 2:17 am |

    I have a 7 wk old chiwawa is it to early to give him a bath he altready has fleas.

  15. For Stephanie. You shouldnt use flea shampoo on a puppy that young. But giving him a bath may be a good idea to get him used to bathing. You can get a flea comb to get fleas off him before and after the bath. I use the comb outside so the fleas get put back out there too. Make sure he is totally warm and dry before going outside tho. Puppies should be at least 6mnths old before using flea shampoo. check the bottle of the shampoo for the exact age.

  16. My chihuahua (tinkerbell)she hates baths everytime she sees a towel she knowa its bath time and she gets scared as in shaking and accidently poops i dont know why

  17. i’m getting a chi in three months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. im 8 will a chihuaha like me because im getting one

  19. I have a 5 year old chi that I got at the Humane Society and she is so good. I bathe her with no problems at all. She is a keeper.

  20. MINE HATES water hard to bath . But will if I have a shower spayer comes down from the shower then she is ok

  21. I gave my 2 yr.old rescue chihuahua a bath today. I waited until my boyfriend could be here cause I didn’t how Lexxee would handle it. She doesn’t like water at all. What a surprise! It was easy peesee. She is a trouper. She did shiver a lot afterward so I put her little pink sweater on her. She is such a JOY!!!!

  22. Cranky 24/7 | December 8, 2012 at 8:29 pm |

    When we wash our two Chihuahuas, one of us takes the pup in the shower with us. I use the hand held shower sprayer, sit on the floor of the tub, cross legged. The pup stays in my lap for the most part and have encountered no problems. The security of having me close by alleviates any fears or reluctance to get wet.

  23. my dog is pregnet how do i take care of it

  24. u should not show her the towell intal u get out of the restroom

  25. well most chihuahuas dont like children but if you get your chi. from an experienced breeder you can find out the history of the mother the daddy and mabye if possible the brothers and sisters behavriol acts,it would also be better if you dont have another animale in the house if so you probably she carie or cage your chi. up so your other animales cant hurt them,especialy a cat,cats get jelous and can feel left out the best thing to do is give a cat lots of love to not feel abondon if you even have one so i hope this helped you out nicole,

  26. Ok this is to cloe first do you know what your going to get yourself into if you get a chihuahua? if you do first get the reasearch and sit down tell your parents the GOOD stuff about chi’s, then you can tell them how much your chi will mean to you,last tell them a few of the BAD things about them,this is the way i got mine especialy if you show pictures and always get your chihuahua younge to teach them things like to use the bathroom in a certain place and to teach them a good name also have at least 2 sylables in there name thats easier to remember,also chis are not good with other animales so you should mention that to your parents,i hope this helped you good luck…

  27. Hi I do not have dog shampoo what should I do?

  28. I have a nine month old chihuhahua is it too young to bath and how often do I bath it

  29. Hi I have a nine month old chihuahua is it too young to bath if it ain’t how often do I bath it

  30. Make sure the water is nice and warm, but not too hot. Test it on your wrist like you would for a baby. I have taken one of my Chi’s in the shower with me. Just held him in my arms. Works great. I towel dry him and then wrap him in a fresh dry towel to hang out it in in the bathroom while I have my shower.

  31. Do u know how old a puppy chi has to be to get a bath?

  32. I had to comment. I have an 11 year old and 10 year old chihuahua. I have bathed them only when they had the unfortunate experience of getting rather dirty – from rainy days outside or accidents of one sort or another inside. That would probably amount to all of a half dozen baths in their lives. They do not smell (doggy or otherwise). They have never had any skin conditions. They breeze thru their vet checkups twice a year – in good health. In short? I don’t believe bathing a Chihuahua is a necessity unless immediate circumstances dictate. It – on the contrary, really appears to be a ‘human necessity’. I have to shower each day to feel good – my Chihuahuas don’t.

  33. Pamela McLay-Henderson | January 21, 2016 at 11:29 am |

    Dear Readers,
    PLEASE IGNORE the stupid comment in the article, about brushing your dog’s teeth! If you give your Chihuahua fresh ( or previously frozen while fresh and and then thawed )- chicken necks ( as an appropriate bone to chew,) this will clean your dog’s teeth as a dog’s teeth SHOULD be cleaned – the natural way! Remember you own a DOG – cute as they are- a chi’ is NOT a human child. Certainly Love it with all your heart, but remember – it is a dog, they have special needs all of there own ( including exercise – so do not carry them around everywhere either, ) and YOU brushing their teeth with toothpaste is not one of them! The other advice re bathing here is good- but I would suggest – DON’T ever use soap or shampoo near your dog’s head/ eyes or face AT ALL! This is not needed either. Just use clean warm water on a cloth to wipe his face head and ears, – very gently. and don’t cover the face with the cloth- as this can be terrifying for them. Wrap the cloth around your two fingers and wipe the face and inside the ears very gently and bit by bit.
    That said, – testing the water like you would for a human baby- with your elbow- so that the temp of the water feels the same temp as your own skin is advisable so the bath is not too hot or too cold. Also – only fill the bowl/ bath up to your dogs front knee level when they are sitting down in the bath. Use a cup to splash water on his stomach and pour it over his back, but NEVER EVER pour water over his head! This can really make a dog afraid of its bath time. ALSO- GREAT Training TIP!! Make ‘ just after bath time’- time for a special treat- give it as soon as they come out– while you are still drying them! They’ll soon associate the bath with the treat – a positive thing, and ‘hey presto!’- NO more problems! ( The same also goes for pill taking and applying eye drops etc!

  34. Pamela McLay-Henderson | January 21, 2016 at 11:37 am |

    I would also strongly agree with B HARRISON. Once every six months OR EVEN LESS in normal circumstances, or if/ when they get really grubby after a walk, is PLENTY of bathing for any dog that mostly lives in a reasonably clean house!
    ( But if you have a bigger different breed of dog- that mostly or always, lives outside, – then yes- they’ll need a bath and extra grooming and care more often.) Daily bathing is again – for humans and for the pet product manufacturers who want us to do this so they’ll sell more dog shampoo and dog toothpaste and MAKE MORE MONEY! Don’t fall for the stupid advertising just because you love your dog.

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